Tuesday 13 August 2013

A post with Hillbilly text

Dogs dumb fell skinned give than squalor showed no gimmie. Feud plumb skedaddled huntin' tin ain't.

Another post with fairytale filler text from The Greeking Machine

Treasure dark forest in a tub broke when all of the sudden sent to the dungeon castle. Over enchanted mirror smashed sword twinkled. Gallant who stole beautiful dress ding-dong magic wand. Cast a spell took in a tub ran away who stole.

Treasure the piper who twas over they climbed.

Poison apple wicked witch knight in shining scary wolf magic wand dragon with the clever fox purple. Castle from the well in the cave winding path Hansel dutch boy enchanted mirror good night silly goats cried. Hid deep in the fee fie foe fum the piper magic wand the woodsman brown bears brown bears oh dear smashed. The piper smashed climbed thick red hair charming crystal ball.